Thursday, March 14

What is ‘English for you’?

It’s my brainbaby (too young to be called a ‘brainchild’ as yet). I call it E4U for short. You can read about its mission in the right-hand column on the home page.

And who do I think I am? (Or indeed, who am I? There's a subtle distinction for you!)

My name is Clare James. I have a BSc (Econ) degree and a Royal Society of Arts (RSA) Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults. A native of the UK, now resident in Sweden, I have worked as an English-language consultant since 1977. I am an authorised public translator from Swedish into English, an EFL teacher, a writer and publisher, the founder and moderator of the Sweet Clarity list, an e-mailer extraordinaire (though I say it myself) -- and now a blogger!

What, then, is Sweet Clarity?

Do you want to improve your skills and knowledge through worldwide communication, and help others at the same time? Are you a learner or teacher of English (we are all learners)? A language professional or amateur (there are several billion of us, so the human reproductive capacity, if not the sky, is the limit)? Sweet Clarity is a free, 100% non-commercial semi-monthly newsletter containing high-quality resources for language professionals and amateurs. It is also a discussion group where anything goes -- puns, jokes or anecdotes with a linguistic emphasis; queries and opinions about etymology, grammar or punctuation; reminiscences and reflections; diatribes and discourses; quotations and reviews; forays into prose, poetry and drama; glossaries; web-site recommendations; observations about Internet English; linguistic highways and byways; language learning and teaching; the multifarious uses of words, written and spoken . . . past, present and future . . . The archived, soon-to-be-indexed newsletters and messages await you.

Welcome to Sweet Clarity (!