Monday, March 25

Resistance to spring-cleaning

1. I’m not going to waste my time on such petty, bourgeois and conventional occupations.
2. What does a clean house matter? Housework isn’t creative. My mind’s on higher things and it would disturb my precious alpha brainwaves.
3. I never pretended to be a contender for Ms Perfect Housewife of the Year, so why should I start now?
4. Let someone else do it. Or at least wait until the time’s right and enlist husband & son (if poss., make it a family game).
5. Pay someone else to do it.


1. But the time would hardly be wasted. Think what an unaccustomed pleasure it would be to live in a clean house, at least for a while!
2. I could make it a kind of meditation -- and stop to jot down my creative thoughts as I go along. Once the house is clean, it might even help the brainwaves along.
3. No one in their right mind would dream of giving me that award, but maybe I don’t always have to be best . . . and if I start now I might actually get it done by Easter.
4. That sounds good, but experience tells me it’s impractical. The game idea is great but difficult to implement. Knowing my family, it might last ten minutes (at best).
5. Probably the best solution. Go for it!